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The Ausarian Mystery System

A true evaluation of a person begins with an appraisal of his/her life’s work and value system. To truly understand a nation, such as Kemet, its belief system and the collective acts of its people need analysis. It should be obvious that ancient builders of magnificent architectural edifices such as the pyramids had developed and utilized a viable educational system. Oftentimes, educational systems reveal the objective of a nation’s investments. In other words, educational systems can reveal what cultures are striding for and its desires for its populace especially the children. Although the people of Kemet studied and taught engineering technique, math, science and other subjects related to building and mundane living in their educational system, their foremost fascination was man’s ontology, salvation (spiritual ascension) and resolving mystery related to being. This required knowledge of Self.  This fascination permeated all areas of Kemet’s society especially its educational system. The ancients were investing in spirituality and apotheosis of  its populace. Any comprehensive summary of all of Kemet’s collective acts will confirm this notion. Salvation and spiritual ascension was the prime objective of Kemetian culture and its educational system. In Kemet, all notions relatedto understanding man’s ontology, spiritual ascension and knowledge of Self were communicated and taught by assigning relevant divine principles, natural laws, pertinent talents/ abilities and character attributes to religious icon called neters. Since Ausar was synonymous with man’s spirit and associated with the Creative principle of Life, the formal name of Kemet’s educational can be referred to as the Ausarian Mystery System.   The essence of ancient Kemet’s investment in education was man’s spiritual ascension and the acquisition of knowledge related to spiritual ascension and ‘beingness’. The epitome of Kemet’s aspirations and the goal of its educational system were to elevate a man’s cosmic state from mere mortal status to a god-like status. The god-like status was associated with Ausar and the process was referred to as ‘awakening Ausar’. The end result of the process culminated in a status referred to as a ‘son of light’ or becoming Ausarianized. In contemporary terminology, since Ausar is synonymous with the Self, Ausarianization means Self-realization. In addition, the packaging of specialized techniques, specific courses of study or practices for purpose of Self-realization can be referred to as a curriculum dedicated to spiritual cultivation.   The ancients of Kemet asserted that if man could purge and cleanse  himself of irrational behavioral tendencies and liberate his ‘soul’ from the fretters associated with embodiment he could experience and identify with the ‘light’ of true spiritual consciousness and have communion with the “gods” in his lifetime. The ‘light’ of true spiritual consciousness was also associated with Ausar.  This concept was the guiding principle the Ausarian Mystery System and set the tone for its curriculum. All subjects taught within the curriculum are presumed to contribute to the goal. The Ausarian Mystery System was privy to those students who had exhibited an understanding of life sciences and an interest in spiritual ascension. The initiates was subjected to a lifestyle and schooling which eventually tempered undesired emotions, eradicated irrational behavioral tendencies, alleviated health issues, enhanced Self awareness and knowledge of Self and yielded identification with the ‘light’ of true spiritual consciousness. In conjunction with study, this entailed discipline in areas such as adhering to strict dietary practices, ascetics, physical and mental conditioning, reverence of the Divine, harmonizing with natural law pertaining to Creation and beingness and the rarefying of energy associated with being. In many ways the ideal and practices of the Ausarian Mystery System are similar to the ideals and practices utilized in hatha and raja yoga practices of other traditions such as that of India and Taoism. The practices and techniques utilized and taught in the Ausarian Mystery System are ‘yogic’ in regard to the common goal of spiritual cultivation. However, the Ausarian Mystery System also stressed scholastics, knowledge of Self, and emulating the Ausarian principle at all times.   The Ausarian Mystery System was a multi-tiered educational system patterned after the Kemetic understanding of the Order of Life. For them, the Order of Life showcased the protocol that facilitated the creation and transformation of everything in the universe. It was only reasonable that their methodology for man’s spiritual transformation would be consistent with Life’s order. All traditions of yoga respected and co-operate with Life’s order.

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